June 9 2013

This month’s restaurant … RADIO.

This month I’m eating … radishes
As they come, raw and fresh with sea salt on the side

Right now I’m reading … NW by Zadie Smith

Right now I’m listening to Quadron, Avalanche

This month’s exhibition … Keith Haring at Musée d’Art Morderne, Paris

For great style … Keep it simple then add sandals and sunglasses


March 13 2013

It was an undercover assignment, but at the same time, too beautiful to not be shared with everyone.
A good crowd, some good food and a couple of bottles of natural wine… the perfect night! We should all remember to do it more often. Big or small crowd, just get together and share food!

Sneak peek: Kinfolk CPH Dinner

And a few extra snapshots that didn’t make the cut…










February 25 2013

Is Kinfolk cooking up a dinner event in Copenhagen? It looks like it! I will be back with more on this case…

Kinfolk invite


February 10 2013

This month’s restaurant … Manfreds. Their chicken confit with bergamots has blown my mind more than once!

This month I’m eating … AMMA chocolate. 75% is a favorite

Right now I’m reading … About wines

Right now I’m listening to … A rock and roll love affair

This month’s exhibition … Tara Donovan at Louisiana

For great style … Stay true to your uniform. To this agent that means… Jeans, cashmere sweater, boots… and goes without saying – hat and glasses to stay incognito

februar 2013 002


January 27 2013

There is something going on in Paris! We are talking great hidden treasures, but once you get your nose in the trail, you will find them all over. It all revolves around three very important things… A very small and very beautiful old Parisian location, kept authentic. A great selection of naturel wines. A few, but delicious, simple dishes to snack on. And there you have it – the “cave a vin”. No wonder these caves have become the favorite hangout for the locals, the natural wine followers and of course “the foodings”. Ambiance… well, cool, laid back and chez toi. So don’t miss out… go explore. You can go for lunch, for an apero or for dinner. Just go!

A tip: Pay respect and attention to the bread, these places do!

Paris Januar 036

Paris Januar 040

Paris Januar 042

Paris Januar 061

Paris Januar 060

Paris Januar 059

A mix of old and new favorites:

Frenchie Wine bar
5-6 Rue du Nil
75002 Paris

Vivant Cave
43, rue des Petites-Ecuries
75010 Paris

Le Verre Volé
67 Rue de Lancry
75010 Paris

Aux Deux Amis
45 Rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris

Septime Cave
3 rue Basfroi
75011 Paris

La Buvette
67 rue Saint Maur
75011 Paris


January 6 2013

This month’s restaurant … Lumskebugten. Erwin has worked his green magic on the classics.

This month I’m eating … Cod roe!

Right now I’m reading … Canada by Richard Ford

Right now I’m listening to … A mix of all my 2012 favorites

This month’s exhibition … Last chance to see self-portraits at Louisana

For great style … Keep varm in a home knitted scarf


December 28 2012

A lunch with Rødder at Museum of Copenhagen a few months ago added new meaning to this agents return to her roots. It took some snooping around to locate this new phenomenon in Copenhagen…

Rødder (=roots) is a food project that focuses on good local ingredients and natural wines. It pops-up on different locations each month. If you follow them closely and are lucky enough to get a seat – they sell out fast! – you will be served an exceptional meal sprung from local love.

The three forces behind Rødder, Esben, Solfinn and Marko, each have different backgrounds and other carriers on the side, but get together to offer laid back dining experiences prepared from simple but lengthy principles. They salt, pickle, dry, braise and honor the taste of each individual ingredient at its best.

They work closely with small producers from primarily Lolland-Falster (where they are originally from). The vegetables are organic and biodynamic, always the best in season. The meat comes from happy animals that have had a good life with plenty of room to run around. Visits to the farms they work with ensure the absolute best quality.

This Saturday the boys served up a lunch for the first time… normally they do dinners. The setting was as always different, interesting and beautiful. Accompanied by soft live jazz-tunes the menu was served at the long tables… chicken liver mousse, rillettes and yellow beets accompanied by chutney made from buckthorn and paradise apples harvested in the city – hence the location. This was followed by pig, pumpkin and leeks and to end the meal perfectly an apple almond cake. Not to mention, of course, homemade bread and own import of natural wines from the Loire Valley…

A tip: Follow Rødder on Facebook and make sure to get your ticket for their next venue.

okt 025

okt 019

okt 017

okt 030

Museum of Copenhagen
Vesterbrogade 59
1620 København V


October 1 2012

A long time has passed… I have been gone, working undercover on a very special case. It has been tough, fun, interesting and it is now a fact, that it will never be completely solved. It meant leaving Paris, it then brought me to a lot of new places on the way and finally led me right back to Copenhagen. And what a great place! I will unravel it for you and let you in on all its mysteries if you stick with me. This agent is back in disguise and back to her roots…

Speaking of roots. This weekend a good friend and great chef moved his kitchen outside. A simple and excellent meal was cooked up over an open fire and all ingredients had been collected in the fields surrounding the barn where we enjoyed the feast. Actually, nothing on the plate came from more than 100 meters away. Except for the salt (I guess that is OK). Lamb, beets, romaine salad, pigeon apples, autumn raspberries, kale and a Nordic version of ratatouille. Added a glass of Pinot Noir from Pupillin…

A tip: The chef can normally be found in the kitchen at a great Copenhagen restaurant – actually one of my favorites, Mêlée.

Oktober 2012 123

Oktober 2012 121

Oktober 2012 127

Oktober 2012 137

Oktober 2012 115

Oktober 2012 135

Oktober 2012 131

Oktober 2012 142

Oktober 2012 145


April 11 2011

This month’s restaurant … Vivant, Pierre Jancou is back from the South

This month I’m eating … The first asparagus of the season!

Right now I’m reading … The Summer without Men by Siri Hustvedt

Right now I’m listening to … Rasmus Walter, Rasmus Walter

This month’s exhibition … Miro at Maillol

For great style … A sun kissed face and a cool pair of shades. A must for Steve Mcqueen and an agent working undercover …


March 21 2011

Sometimes an agent just misses some obvious clues along the way. This for me definitely being the case with the very lovely little cantine Soya, which I should have found and tested a long time ago … instead of keeping both you and I in the dark on this place-to-be-BIO-spot. But better late than never … This is in no way your old-school, average and boring vegetarian restaurant, that you so very often stumble on, when you are looking for greens. Here it looks and feels a little like New York, your neighbors at the other tables look very Parisian, very chic and the food is very good and BIO vegetarian. There is plenty to chose from and you are sure to get a good daily dose of all the vitamins you need. Create your own little menu from the card, add a freshly squeezed juice or a herbal tea and just enjoy the ambiance … you will leave feeling happy and healthy, I promise! Actually this is one of those places where you can also indulge in a dessert and still feel healthy and good when you go.

A tip: Open for lunch only and reservations recommended!



20 rue Pierre Levée
75011 Paris